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Career Counselling

College Guidance and Counselling Assistance at SBA

At SBA, the IB Diploma Programme and ISC programme is sharply focused on the student's progress into the real world. Thus, from day one, we ensure that we work with the student and the family to identify career options and pave the path towards university education in India and overseas. On Orientation Day, we have a briefing by a highly qualified and experienced college guidance counsellor who is also an IBDP examiner who explains the college application system in major countries for overseas education as well as the timeline for applications for undergraduate studies in India. Other important topics covered include subject choices as linked with prominent careers, diverse career options and developments in new majors and careers opening up in diverse industries.

At SBA, the way IBDP and ISC subjects are offered, reflect career paths and optimum education level and achievements as required by the top universities in the world. The point is to choose subjects that provide maximum benefit for clear career choice or maximum opportunity for flexibility of choice in case students are undecided about their career choice. This linkage makes subject choices and levels meaningful to the future course of action.

In like manner, we encourage visits to SBA by university admission officers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other major centres, who come over to school, make presentations and address any queries that may be raised. These representatives are key decision makers in the admission process, and not the marketing agents. SBA is visited by around 100 universities every year. Our placement record has been impressive over the years, with multiple universities offering lucrative scholarships especially to SBA students.


Our students have been accepted at excellent universities in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand (please see list attached). Our alumni group is growing and new students have a great network to contact and learn more.

Offers & Placements So Far
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  • Imperial College London
  • London School of Economics
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  • Loyola Marymount LA, USA
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Placement of students of Batch of 2017
  • Imperial College, London
  • Georgia Tech, USA
  • Santa Clara Top 10 Casinos, California, USA
  • Les Roches Institute of Hospitality Management, Switzerland
  • Top 10 Casinos of Cincinnati, USA
  • Top 10 Casinos of Auckland, NZ
  • Penn State, Harrisburg, USA
  • Loyola Marymount, USA